Breskvica – A hedgehog’s poem

I’m spiky and small,
and sometimes I’m shaped like a ball.
My tiny nose and ears work very well
so when you come near me please don’t yell!

I’m cuddly and cute
unless you come near me, then I turn brute.
If you do I will hiss and cry
because I’m really very, very shy.

I had a brother who was very white,
but we were separated one very traumatic night.
I miss him every once in a while
and every night I run to him for a mile!

But some evil doers tricked me,
only letting me pretend to flee.
I can only ever go round and round,
but at least I get to annoy them with that shrieking wheel sound!

What they don’t know is I’m planning my great escape
involving the ingenious usage of a carrot, a goat and a grape.
That’s the kind of thing that makes me a mastermind,
a fact to which those hyperactive baboons are completely blind.

But that’s okay,
soon I will keep them at bay.
For when I become the ruler of all mankind
They will only be good for kissing my spiky behind!


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