Making talking obsolete? Tesla’s Neurolink

The very interesting and terrifying Neurolink is a true mystery to me. Not so much because of the technology, since how scientists do what they do is always a mystery to me, but because why? I mean, yeah, pursuit of knowledge for the sake of the pursuit of knowledge,  much like art. And I’m sure communicating without speaking or writing could be very helpful for people who can’t do so verbally, for whatever reason. But in general, do *I*, the average Earthling trying to live a happy life on a day to day basis, need the technology to communicate with only my mind? I mean, does this mean people could one day hack into our brains? Is that a stupid question? I can never tell.

I take great pleasure in writing actually, even speaking sometimes. I am really not looking for ways to do less of that. In fact, I find that the technology that already exists affects me negatively in taking away too much communication by being digital. Well, safe to say I am not these guys’ target audience.

Still, I find the whole thing fascinating so here’s a link from the article I read about this mind-boggling technology. I think they did a great job of presenting all sorts of arguments and angles on it, so do tell me what you think! 🙂

From the Scientific American, “Neuralink wants to wire your brain to the internet — What could possibly go wrong?” :




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