Medical research into women’s health? Nah. Scientifically determining who’s the hottest chick? Fuck yes!

An article came up on my Facebook feed stating that according to scientific research, Kelly Brooke has the perfect female body. She’s someone from the UK and her body fits the mathematical proportions perfectly according to their research. When I saw this, I seethed. Not because I don’t agree that she’s beautiful, but because while research into women’s health is lagging behind like crazy, someone apparently gave some scientists money to check women out and decide who is the hottest, according to math. (If math can go to waste, this is it).

First of all, why do we need this research? What value does this add to our society? Does it tell us anything about our world? Our unieverse? Medically does it have any merit? Some bullshit is spewed about how it’s about how a certain ratio of curves means a woman is more fertile or some shit, and sure, let’s just agree. So the fuck what? Why do we need the exact centimeters? All you’re doing is trying to pit women against each other some more in some competitive “this is the ultimate woman” bullshit the way society has been doing for centuries, that does not ring true in the real world at all. I think we’re all smart enough to recognize a woman’s fertility isn’t THE DEFINING FUCKING CHARACTERISTIC OF HER VALUE TO SOCIETY or even to a partner, nor are a few centimeters more or less here or there the difference between having children or not, or having “better children” or not.

Secondly, and this is the part that really gets me, this research is getting done while actual women’s health research isn’t. Gender specific research is lagging behind. Even in the first stages, more male animals are used as test subjects than female ones. This whole men are the default gender bullshit is actually showing and it is hurting women by putting limits on our understanding of our bodies. This affects how much we know about disease. How much we know about the different ways medicine can affect us, which could potentially be the difference between the medicine working or not. About hereditary conditions. Even sexual health.

Some people still dispute that the G-spot exists. They also argue that women have lower sex drives, in at least one case driven by the methodology of going around a campus and asking people for sex. Men were more likely to say yes. Shocking. Did you consider maybe societal pressures? Did you consider safety considerations, as women were maybe more likely to be scared of  being alone in a confined place with a stranger bigger than them? There’s other kinds of research on this, but with methodologies like this one, you can’t trust the results.

Also, yes, how horny women are is the question science is starting to try and answer, comparatively more than other gender specific matters it seems. Gee I wonder whether it is women making these decisions about which research gets done and which questions we want the answers to first and foremost.

So, while I know so little about my sexual organs and how my gender affects me medically otherwise, I now know who the hottest woman in the world is. Thank you science. Fuck you whoever funded and conducted that. I hope since then you’ve actually contributed something to the world. Or at least that you did the male equivalent study. 

B92 English vs. B92 Serbian

By chance a couple hours ago, I noticed that the front page for the Serbian news organization B92 is quite different in English and in Serbian.

Disclaimer: These are just some observations, as I haven’t spoken to anyone or researched enough to make any claims. If anyone has any insight into why it is this way, do share.

First off, the categories:


Categories, in order: News, Politics, Business and Economy, Region, Society, Crime, World, Gallery, Insight.


Categories, in order: New, Info, Sport, 150. Derby, Business, Superwoman, Bulevar , Life, Culture, Auto, Technology, Travel, Health, Pets and More.

You’ll notice the Serbian version has many more, but still fails to include those of  world, region and crime.

Meanwhile, categories like superwoman (a particular pet peeve of mine), pets, travel, some focus on sport (fair enough, they’re well known for sport coverage), and some more are present. All in all, less focus on politics and crime.

[On a separate note, for fucks sake why is “woman” still a separate news category? It’s mostly gossip, celebrities, looking at how women have aged over time, some health stuff even though there’s a separate health category on the site itself, love, recipes, family, etc. Also, there’s a “career” section in there and the first news I see is “why is love good for work?” I mean, seriously? It’s like if we don’t make work about love women just won’t even care right? All we want is cuddles and kisses and not to just have a career for its own sake.

Anyway, since there clearly is an audience for all that, why not just call it gossip and food, etc.? Why associate it with women exclusively? Are you saying women don’t care about politics and economics and men don’t care about recipes or love or family? It’s such an outdated distinction.

OK, rant complete. Back to the topic.]

The front page news selection is also quite different. Where the English is focused on matters of the Serbian citizens killed in Libya (3 news stories related to it), and matters of Russia and nationalism, the Serbian has one story about the airstrike, and then goes on to stories about Novak Djokovic, the reuniting of the cast of Friends, some famous woman aged a certain way, etc. To be fair, the airstrike and other political issues are present but as titles only, without the attention grabbing pictures that the other ones have.

A similarity is while the English version has “business and economics,” the Serbian version has “biz”. However, the actual news on these pages are quite different.



The Serbian ones are about the world, while the English version is more about Serbian economy matters and investment. I speculate foreign investors are the audience that they are focusing on, and that’s fine (although I can’t help but notice there isn’t a separate “lady investor” category, just sayin’), but I fail to understand why the local economy matters aren’t on the business page for the Serbian audience as well.

I also notice the poll “Will community of Serb Municipalities be formed in Kosovo?” is absent on the Serbian page.

I understand that a foreigner looking at Serbian news may be looking for specifically regional information, since maybe they get general news from somewhere else, whereas a Serbian audience is more likely to look at this as their primary site for news, so it should be more varied. Also, entertainment value is important and I’m not dismissing the importance of getting an audience to click and read and share.

I don’t really have a conclusion for this since it’s just a few observations at 2AM, but I personally like the English version a bit better, just cause I find it more informative. And for f’s sake, out with “women’s” news.